1. How does the FailSafe™ PCR System work?
  2. Can FailSafe be used for real-time (quantitative) PCR?
  3. What DNA Polymerase is used in the FailSafe System?
  4. Can I use Topo or TA-cloning with the PCR product from the FailSafe PCR System?
  5. Which FailSafe PreMix should I use for my GC-rich template? I don't want to test all of the PreMixes.
  6. I want to amplify a template of about 20 kb. Should I use the FailSafe PCR System or the MasterAmp™ Extra-Long PCR Kit?
  7. How good is the fidelity of the FailSafe PCR Polymerase enzyme mix?
  8. Do you have any general tips or tricks for successful PCR?