FAQ: CircLigase™ and CircLigase II™ ssDNA Ligases

  1. What is the difference between CircLigase and CircLigase II?
  2. What is the longest ssDNA one can circularize using CircLigase?
  3. Is CircLigase the same enzyme sold by Prokaria (Thermophage Ligase)?
  4. Can CircLigase be used in intermolecular ligations?
  5. Can CircLigase be used to circularize RNA?
  6. Will CircLigase work on double-stranded DNA?
  7. Does CircLigase work on cohesive ends and blunt ends?
  8. Can CircLigase be run on ligations at less than the 60°C stated in the protocol?
  9. How do I tell the difference between ligated and unligated CircLigase products?
  10. Is there any sequence preference seen in CircLigase ligation reactions?
  11. What gel conditions are used to resolve the circular and linear CircLigase products as shown in the protocol?
  12. What is the control oligo sequence of the CircLigase control ligation control?
  13. Can CircLigase be used for ligation of single stranded adapter oligos to ssDNA for eventual use in next generation sequencing reactions?