Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kits

Epicentre's Ilumina-compatible Nextera kits were discontinued effective December 31, 2011.

Illumina now sells a new version of the kit. Available from Illumina, the Nextera™ DNA Sample Prep Kit offers the following advantages:

  • Fastest time to results: Go from DNA to data in less than 8 hours with Illumina's MiSeq™ system.
  • Highest throughput: Index up to 96 samples and use master-mixed reagents to manually process > 500 samples per week.
  • Optimized PCR: Improved formulations with fewer cycles deliver reduced GC bias and lower error rates; PCR reagents are now bundled into reagent kits.
  • Improved insert size distribution: Support long paired-end 2x150 reads on MiSeq.
  • Increased process efficiency: Automation-friendly plate-based protocol.

The Nextera DNA Sample Prep Kits (Roche 454-Compatible) will continue to be available for sale by calling or faxing Epicentre Customer Service until May 31, 2012, with delivery of final shipments required by June 30, 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this transition period will allow you to complete ongoing projects.

The protocols for the Epicentre kits are listed below for historical purposes. These protocols are not valid for the new Illumina kit.