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Item Number Item Description
AC0706 AmpliCap SP6 High Yield Message Maker Kit 25 Rxns
AC0707 AmpliCap T7 High Yield Message Maker Kit 25 Rxns
ACM04033 AmpliCap-Max T3 High Yield Message Maker Kt 25 Rxn
ACM04037 AmpliCap-Max T7 High Yield Message Maker Kt 25 Rxn
C06005 Cap Analog Trimethylated 5 U
C32010 Cap Analog, Unmethylated 10 U
C50110 ARCA Cap Analog 500 nmoles
C61025 Cap Analog, Methylated 25 U
MMA60710 Message-MAX T7 ARCA-Capped Message Transcription Kit 10 Rxns
MSC11610 mScript mRNA Production System 10 Rxns
MSC11625 mScript mRNA Production System 25 Rxns
PL71225 P266L T7 RNA Polymerase Transcription Kit 25 Rxns
R0805AB Anti-Ready-Lyse IgG 25 µl
SCCE0610 ScriptCap m7G Capping System 10 Rxns
SCCE0625 ScriptCap m7G Capping System 25 Rxns
SCMT0610 ScriptCap 2'-O-Methyltransferase 10 Rxns
SCMT0625 ScriptCap 2'-O-Methyltransferase 25 Rxns
T90250 Thermus RNA Polymerase 250 U